I'm a teacher and here are some of the worst appreciation gifts ever – basically not bothering would be better | The Sun

A TEACHER has shared some of the worst appreciation gifts of all time, from a rock to a square of bubble wrap.

Kayla McCourt took to TikTok initially to share a video joking about the cup and cookie she'd received from her district as teachers returned to their classrooms amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

And after she posted that video, other teachers took to the comments section to weigh in on the terrible "appreciation" gifts they'd received.

"A stick of ‘extra gum for going the extra mile," one wrote.

"Yes you read that right, a stick of gum. Not a whole pack, we got one stick of gum."

"One year we got a 2×2 inch square of bubble wrap," another added.

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"That’s all. They said it was for 'stress relief'."

"We got a photocopied self-care colouring book," a third commented.

"I got another……  mug," someone else raged.

"A ROCK because teachers rock," another wrote.

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"My district raised $85k for appreciation gifts… we got a Dominos pizza party as a result," someone else said.

As another comment read: "We had a staff appreciation lunch, we had to bring our own lunch."

"We’ve had kids all year and we get monthly ‘keep up the good work’ and ‘thanks for all you do’ emails," someone else wrote.

"It’s the toxic positivity for me." 

"At Christmas every year we get a bag of meat. Seriously. In a Santa bag," another sighed.

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