I’m curvy and never wear a bra – if people don’t like it, that's their problem | The Sun

A POSTWOMAN has told how men always creep her out when they tell her they spotted she isn’t wearing a bra.

Shelly Black, 27, is a proud member of the No Bra Club and refuses to wear them because she finds them uncomfortable.

But she gets even more annoyed when guys make comments for no reason.

The part-time model, from Penicuik, Midlothian, is currently working as a labourer in Australia to fund her travels across the world.

She says: “I never wear them. And I always get comments.

“I just prefer not to unless I’m at the gym.

“But even then you can see my stiff nips and there’s nothing wrong with not wearing a bra.

“I feel more comfortable and if people don’t like it, it’s their problem. 

“Lots of people are always joking about it being cold and taking the mick but a lot of people around here don’t wear one so it’s not too bad.”

Shelly adds: “I just went a walk and some men are just pervs.

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“I don’t really care though, it’s boobs and it’s not like they’ve never seen them before.”

She previously told how she’s been left "red in the face" after being inundated with compliments over her flawless figure.

While working as a labourer in Australia some colleagues couldn’t believe the shape she was in.

Shelly said: “Some have looked on my Instagram and TikTok and I've had a couple guys going on about my bum.

“It makes me red in the face, I laugh it off. I know they’re only joking…mostly.

"I don’t take it to heart though, it doesn’t bother me really.

"I wouldn’t see a lot of them out of work and I do act like a big goof as well and I work hard. Most of the guys I have worked with just see me as one of the guys."

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