I’m the Duchess of Thrift and I got an epic yellow sticker haul in Tesco – I’ve got enough food for meals for a week | The Sun

A SAVVY shopper has revealed that she got an epic yellow sticker food haul in Tesco.

The bargain hunter, known as the Duchess of Thrift, took to TikTok, where she has amassed an impressive 37.4k followers and 314.6k likes, to show off her cut-price haul.

The thrifty shopper regularly shares her savvy hacks and tips to navigate the rising cost of living on the video sharing platform, and her latest Tesco haul has left many open-mouthed.

Not only did she get her hands on some brilliant bargains, but she got so many items that she’s got enough food for meals to last her a week.

She shared her “cost of living yellow sticker heaven” haul and said: “I’m absolutely buzzing.

"So I want to show you the shop that I’ve just got and the amount of yellow stickers that were in Tesco.

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“I don’t normally go to Tesco but Dave had a voucher for £50 from work for Christmas so this lot has cost us 9p, the sum total was £50.09.

“So I got chickens reduced, loads and loads of meat reduced.

"If you’re near a Tesco, I would recommend popping down there. 

“I wasn’t greedy, I could’ve taken loads more, but I wanted to leave some for other people as well.

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“We’ve got enough to make proper meals for the whole week.

“Got some treats like these little prawn cocktails to have as a snack now.

“Loads and loads of stuff, that is a £50 shop because of all the yellow stickers.

“If you have got a car and you can get to Tesco, I’ve recommend running out and getting some of the meat.

“It’s worth sticking in the freezer because the prices are so good on it.” 

Her video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 21.7k views and 464 likes. 

TikTok users also agreed that they too love getting yellow sticker bargains.

One person said: “I got some yesterday in tescos. really good for the freezer” to which the savvy shopper responded “There was so much more stickered meat than usual, I was hyperventilating with excitement 😂” 

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Another added: “It’s good to buy yellow stickers, it saves money.” 

A third commented: “Asda was great for yellow stickers” to which the woman replied “It feels like you're winning at life when you get stickered meat doesn't it.”

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