I’m the Duchess of Thrift & my whole wardrobe is second-hand…I’m a pig in muck at a car boot & only buy pants in Primark | The Sun

A SAVVY shopper has revealed that she loves shopping second-hand and her entire wardrobe is full of goodies from charity shops and car boot sales. 

Known on social media as the Duchess of Thrift, the bargain hunter has amassed an impressive 37.5k followers and 318.2k likes on TikTok.

While the thrifty mum regularly shares savvy money and energy saving hacks to bet the cost of living, in one of her most recent clips, the woman opened up about second-hand shopping.

She replied to a comment that read: “I bet you can afford Primark shopping” as she spoke about her wardrobe and how she only ever shops in Primark for pants, tights and hats. 

She said: “Morning! I’m glad somebody said this.

“The only things I buy in Primark are pants, tights, hats and I’ve bought the odd candle and things like that.

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“But all of my wardrobe is second-hand.

“I don’t really talk about it here but all of my clothes are from car boot sales and charity shops.

“I do buy some on Vinted as well if I’m feeling a bit flush, which is not very much lately, let’s have it right.

“Today is my birthday, and my top is an old H&M one from a car boot sale, my belt is car boot and my beautiful skirt was from Vinted.

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“All of my wardrobe is pre-loved.

“I do shop my own wardrobe a lot and I try not to buy.

“I haven’t bought anything all January and I’m not buying anything until March.

“When the car boot sale starts again in March when it gets a bit warmer, I’ll be going back there.

“I don’t know why you would want to go and buy all your clothes new in Primark when there’s so many amazing things in the charity shops and car boot sales.

“They’re like heaven. Take me to a car boot sale and I’m like a pig in muck rummaging through piles of clothes to find treasures and gems.

“Absolutely love this.” 

Many TikTok users were impressed with the woman’s clips and revealed that they too love getting second-hand bargains. 

One person said: “All my clothes are pre-loved as well. Either from charity shops or "inherited" from friends😊 socks and knickers from Primark 👌” to which the savvy shopper replied “I don't get why people spend so much on new stuff, the boot sales are fab.” 

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Another added: “I’m the same these days. Charity shops all the way for me. You can get really quality stuff at a great price” to which the Duchess of Thrift explained “Absolutely and it's way more thrilling than buying new.” 

A third commented: “There's no excitement in buying from high street shops, all my wardrobe is also second hand” to which the bargain hunter responded “I totally agree, there's a real buzz finding second-hand treasure isn't there.” 

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