I've been on ‘wife strike’ for two weeks – my husband has done nothing and the house is littered in dirty loo roll

AN ANNOYED wife went on strike for two weeks after her husband claimed he was the only one who cleans. 

Jalie Gil, 27, from Florida, revealed on TikTok that she was going to teach her partner a lesson by not cleaning up after him for 14 days. 

Documenting the events that followed on her @wifestrike TikTok account, Jalie showed how messy the house was.

"Today is exactly two weeks post wife strike…the bathroom condition is deplorable," she said.

In the video, the toilet was filled with blue cleaner that hadn't been cleaned out properly and there were old loo rolls and toilet paper scattered on the floor.

"I honestly wish this was satire but it's not," she said.

Then she showed piles of her husband's dirty clothes, adding: "Behind our door is his new hamper, what do you think?"

Commenters weren't impressed, with many sharing their disdain for the situation.

"He doesn't want a wife, he wants a mother to clean up after him," one person said.

"Why are men so incapable of doing things on their own I don't understand," another wrote.

A third person added: "This is honestly how I ended things with my ex. He said I did nothing so I started doing nothing. It didn't go over well."

This isn't the first time that Jalie has shared videos of the house during her strike, as she previously uploaded a video after the first week.

In that upload she showed how the laundry pile was overflowing, the bathroom sink became full of his products and clothes were left all over the sofa. 

In the bathroom, she showed how her husband put toilet paper on top of the empty roll instead of replacing it.


By day three, the situation was worse as although her husband had tried to clean the bathroom at least, he had left a blue cleaner stain on top of the toilet. 

Meanwhile, the toilet brush, plunger and rubbish bin were left on the floor – although he blamed that on their toddler.

Jalie also panned to what her “laundry room looks when your husband does it.”

She showed that all the clean laundry had been piled back into the clothes basket and was not folded on day five as he couldn’t be bothered to put it away.

On day seven, items were still over the sofa but Jalie had stayed strong in refusing to do any chores. 

In the video caption, she wrote: “Since the areas of concern have not been addressed the wife strike must continue.”

Many people praised her methods, with one saying: “Today is SIGNIFICANT! He is expecting the strike to be over after today. Hold strong until he cleans up!!'”

Another added: “Girl, good for you. Hopefully he will learn and change and y'all can move forward as a team eventually.”

Jalie told BoredPanda: “I knew there had to be people out there with these husband and cohabiter woes.

“I realised that I was not alone and that I was conditioned to silently clean up after my husband that he literally forgets he ever left a mess behind.”

Although she admitted there have been “small improvements” with her husband doing chores, that more work is needed. 

She added: “I’m thinking a week long is not enough and I will follow through until the areas of concern are addressed.”

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