I've got 11 kids & I'm expecting again – space is so short one of them sleeps in the kitchen cupboard

A MUM-OF-ELEVEN shared an insight into her chaotic life on Instagram, even displaying a small cupboard where her eight-year-old slept.

Veronica, 35, often uploads pictures and videos of her growing family on Instagram to her 32.8k followers.

In a recent post, she showed the cupboard in her kitchen and explained that at one point, they used it as a bedroom for their eight-year-old.

She said: "When we bought this house we thought this was a kitchen cupboard.

"I use it for Halloween storage now, but it was my eight-year-old's bedroom too, it's just big enough that he could stand up in there."

Some fellow Instagrammers loved the dark nook.


One said: "To me it looks like the perfect little reading nook room!"

While another said: "I would've loved that as a kid."

Veronica first got pregnant and 14, and in the last 21 years she’s had ten more children.

Now, at the age of 35, she’s bought a nine-bedroom house and a bus for her 11 kids.

The mum gave her followers some insight into her story and her unusual life with her huge family.

She began her story by describing her first pregnancy.

She explained that it was her freshman year in 1999 and she was just 14.

[The cupboard] was my eight-year-old's bedroom too, it's just big enough that he could stand up in there.

Veronica’s oldest child is 21 and her youngest is just one year old, but the mum says she’s not done with having kids just yet.

She explained: "And yes, I do want more!"

Veronica said she has been married twice, so her older children and her younger children have different fathers.

Her two eldest children are from her first marriage, and the other nine are from her current marriage.

Veronica also uses colour coding to help her organise her kids' possessions because it "helps keep track of things".

She said: "I colour code my eleven kids, it just makes things easier for me. Most of their belongings – shoes, clothes, blankets – are in their special colours."

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