JW Anderson Taps Oscar Wilde To Find That "the Secret of Life Is in Art"

Jonathan Anderson‘s eponymous label JW Anderson and Oscar Wilde have plenty in common: both are from Northern Ireland, both are outspoken and challenge societal norms, and Anderson himself has referred to his brand as a cultural agitator, a fashion brand to challenge the status quo — much like Wilde’s approach to literature and life. Naturally, a capsule collection honoring the legendary poet and playwright makes perfect sense.

For JW Anderson’s latest capsule, Wilde becomes the core source of inspiration. Jonathan Anderson discovered a piece of paper at auction with Wilde’s signature and the words “The secret of life is in art,” and this began the designer’s thought process to create something beautiful. With the ethos of “beautiful things can sometimes just be beautiful” in his mind, Anderson went on to develop a unisex capsule comprising four ready-to-wear pieces in a variety of colorways, as well as a bag, jewelry, and a hat.

The result brings stunning looks such as the cropped crochet jumper, which is adorned with flowers and Wilde’s quote that was found on the aforementioned paper, as well as a T-shirt, sweatshirt, and an elongated button-up shirt that also feature the quote in their own ways.

A straw hat features the quote on a banner that runs around the perimeter of the rim, the bag is finished with the quote in a hand-written style, while a necklace and earrings are presented as takes on nameplate styles, literally spelling out the quote to make their structure.

The JW Anderson Oscar Wilde collection will be available exclusively on JW Anderson’s website and in the flagship Soho, London store upon the easing of the U.K. lockdown. Take a look at the collection above.

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