Kanye Shares Inspirations, Works in Progress and Unreleased YEEZY Footwear Designs

Taking a break from his controversial political efforts, Kanye West recently took to Twitter to offer a look into his creative mind. Being heavily active on the social media platform over the last few months, ‘Ye posted an array of images accompanied by brief musings that highlight the weight of each image.

Sharing, inspirations, works in progress and unreleased YEEZY footwear designs, Kanye revealed just how many elements of the culture he currently has his hands in. Standing out amongst the string of tweets are the looks at early YEEZY footwear designs include a top-down image of circles made up of unreleased colorways, a closer look at a yellow-focused adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 model, progressive slip-on models and what ‘Ye claims is an upcoming Derrick Rose sneaker.

Aside from sharing inspirations from Herzog & de Meuron and James Turrell, ‘Ye also offered a look at some of his progressive architecture designs. Building on the contemporary nature of his ideas, the creative looks to now be focusing on underwater homes with boulder doors inspired by Indiana Jones. Riddled throughout the stream of images are color studies that often deal with iridescent tones and weathered workwear.

Rounding up the Twitter spree is a look at a giant YEEZY model inflatable that is “coming soon,” a look at a Japanese mecha model, wholesome image of Kanye and his mother during their time in China and a notable jacket from Virgil Abloh‘s Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

Catch Kanye West’s latest Twitter spree below.

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