Mum defends her decision to make love in front of her five-month-old after disgusted parents slam her

A MUM has sparked outrage online after admitting that she makes love to her partner in front of her five-month-old.

‘Free-spirited’ Sally Mustang, 30, and her husband Mitch Gobel, also 30, welcomed their son Azure Sitara five months ago.

And the hipster influencer has been slammed after defending her decision to make love in front of the baby on Instagram.

Sharing a photo of herself lying naked on a picnic rug, she revealed that she “makes love” to her husband with Azure in the room.

Sally claimed that it was “natural” and questioned why society deemed it so unacceptable.

However, the post – which was deleted just 12 hours later – sparked outrage among many parents, the Daily Mail reports.

Many agreed that sex was an “adult” topic with one woman commenting, “Imagine if he came to you at eight years old and said he was ready to have sex, because sex was such an open topic in your household.”

Sally has since defended her post in her Instagram stories, revealing she had chosen to remove it due to the “bad energy she received.”

She wrote: “I have worked and studied a lot in sex and sexual trauma.

“In noooo way am I subjecting my son to this so if you have had a hard story when it comes to sexuality I am really sorry and I am sending you love from my heart.”

She continued to say that making love doesn’t necessarily mean full blown sex, and she defines it as “making out, massage” or anything they define as “love together.”

Sally continued: “When I say Azure is present I also mean that he is asleep, moved to the other side of the bed, he could be playing on the rug with his toys while we are away on the couch.”

She went on to explain that all of the rooms in their house are interconnected and that they don’t “make Azure watch.”

The mum went on to say that she had intended to promote “free love” before apologising for any triggers.

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