Mum shares easy gardening tip to get rid of weeds in a flash – and it uses up old compost too

GARDENING expert and mum Sophie Valentine has revealed an ingenious use for old compost.

Instead of getting rid of it, she suggested using it as "mulch" to get rid of weeds in the garden.

"I like to try and not waste any compost," she said.

"We all know how much we spend on fresh compost each year.

"So, you can use your spent compost as a mulch on your borders," she told

That's not the only use for old compost.

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Sophie also uses it to partly fill her larger pots, before mixing in some newer compost too.

"I use it to fill my new containers so I’m not wasting tons of new compost," she explained.

"Some of my tall pots are very big."

If you are planning to reuse old compost, Sophie advises sorting through it to remove "clumps of roots" and any bits "that look particularly dry and dusty".

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"I then add all these unwanted bits into a separate container," she said.

Other uses for old, spent compost include using it to improve the quality of your lawn.

Simply sprinkle it over the grass and use a garden rake to rake it all over the lawn.

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Or, use it to grow carrots in – as carrots need very few nutrients to survive and thrive.

She said: "I use it to fill my new containers so I’m not wasting tons of new compost. Some of my tall pots are very big."

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