Mum swears by Aldi’s DOG cooling gel mats for helping her kids sleep in heatwave

WHILE the weather heating up is great for topping up the tan, it can be a nightmare when trying to sleep – and there's nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky while trying to get some shut eye.

For parents, it can make bedtime all the more complicated, but one mum has revealed the genius trick she swears by to keep her brood cool when they're feeling all hot and bothered.

Mum Caroline Ebden-Smith revealed her hack in Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas and explained that she uses a cooling mat for pets.

The gel mat from Aldi is designed to keep dogs cool in hot weather by helping to absorb their body heat.

Convinced it would work the same for her kids, Caroline tested it out with her son and insists her little boy is "no longer a sweaty mess".

Sharing a photo of her son using it, Caroline wrote: "If anyone is struggling to keep kiddies cool in these hot nights (especially in loft beds!) go to Aldi and buy doggy cooling gel mats!"

"They’re amazing," she insisted. "My little one is loving them and is no longer a sweaty mess."

As well as Aldi, cooling mats can be snapped up from £5 at B&M, as well as Home Bargains for as little as £4.99.

Nearly 650 fellow parents liked her post, while hundreds commented and revealed they too were going to try it.

"These look good as my daughter sweats bad at night and is always moaning she’s hot do they lay directly on them or do they go under the fitted sheet?" one mum asked.

Another said: "We have just brought one for my son, as he gets so hot at night lol."

A third person posted: "Oh my gwad! 100% trying this tonight!"

Others revealed that the cooling mat works great during pregnancy too.

One woman shared: "This got me through my last trimester of pregnancy in the summer months!"

Another agreed: "I used one of these when I was pregnant last year, best thing I ever did xx."

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