Mum takes her hat off to her son as he comes up with an ingenious way to ensure he gets more presents this Christmas | The Sun

A MUM has taken her hat off to her nine-year-old son after he came up with an ingenious plan to secure himself more presents this Christmas.

Jenn took to TikTok to reveal her little boy had told her just before the holidays that he wasn't sure he believed in Santa.

"So he wrote a handwritten letter to Santa and he dropped it in the Santa mailbox on our street at somebody’s house," she explained.

"And he told us that it has items on it that he specifically asked Santa for and this is how he’s going to find out if Santa’s real or not.

"Because if he doesn’t get those items, he’ll know Santa’s not real."

After son Lawson told her of his plan, Jenn marched round to the house to ask for the letter, so she could see what was on his list.

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"And now I’m out scavenging, three days before Christmas, because my little s**t of a son has decided to play games," she sighed.

"I don’t know where he gets it from."

Jenn added in the video caption: "He’s smart bc now he will get more gifts. Genius. Well played. #santa."

"Trust me," one person commented on the video.

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"He just wants the extra gifts. He knows and he just checked mate.

"I think our families are related somehow."

"he knows… he's getting extra presents," another laughed.

As someone else wrote: "Lmao! My 14-year-old still 'believes' because if she doesn't, then that's less presents.

"No stockings and no santa presents."

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