Mum who couldn’t get her three boys to sleep alone creates a mega bed for them to share with cheap Ikea hack

MANY kids dream of having their own space, but one mum couldn't keep her three sons apart – especially when it came time to go to sleep each night.

So Charlotte was forced to come up with a solution for Dexter, nine, Zaccariah, seven, and Elyjiah, five,who continued sneaking into each other's bed because they hated sleeping alone.

Charlotte explained that Dexter had his own room while the younger two shared, but he didn't like been separated from his brothers.

Zaccariah and Elyjiah had bunk beds in their room and in an attempt to keep the peace, Charlotte started letting Dexter join Elyjiah on the bottom bunk.

“The bunk beds were then separated because Zaccariah hated the stairs,” the UK-based mum-of-three told Kidspot.

“After that they all just went in together… it started as a weekend thing and became an everyday thing!

“I was worried only because one would have to climb over the others, which would wake them up.”

As much as Charlotte loved her sons wanting to be together, she was concerned about the lack of space with them sharing a single bed.

So on a mission to find a solution, she came across an IKEA day bed online that could fold out to a double bed – and snapped it up second-hand for just £150

"My boys absolutely love their new mega bed," she said.

And revealed that she'd planned to cover the bed in each of the boys’ three duvets but found she “didn’t like the look of it.”

Instead, she decided to pop on her king size duvet to see how it would look and it "fit perfectly".

After that Charlotte picked up a cheap Christmas duvet from her local supermarket to use on the boys’ new mega bed.

“I’d had never seen anyone doing this before, so I literally made it up as I was going along,” she explained.

“The boys loved it and were over the moon.”

The mum-of-three said that she knows the arrangement “won’t last forever” but plans to enjoy it while it lasts.

“They will all go back to their own beds eventually but for now it’s the right thing for our family,” she said.

“There is nothing wrong with a brother-cuddle especially in the winter nights.”

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Explaining the boys' relationship, Charlotte said that they've always been extremely close as they have many of the same interests, such as football and Pokémon.

But she also credits their close relationship to the fact that they have to share.

She said: “They don’t have TVs or computers of their own, but do have a TV downstairs they can watch together”

“I have Pokémon Go on my phone and they have to put a five-minute timer on and have shots each and work together on the game.

“I think that’s made them close.”

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