Mums rave about Wilko’s wipeable wallpaper saying it’s a doddle to remove kids’ grubby marks

MUMS have been raving about Wilko’s wipeable wallpaper range, saying it is easy to remove kids’ grubby marks. 

A savvy shopper posted a photo of the washable paper found in the store, and said it was a bargain. 

They shared how the Plymouth Wilko had the paper for £13 a roll, but you can pick up similar wipeable wallpaper designs from the store for as little as £9 online.

The post went down well with people on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, and racked up over 1,000 likes. 

One parent raved: “A great idea.”

Another added: “Oh my I need this in every room.”

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However, one pointed out: “Not the best idea to have, as its teaching them its fine to draw on walls, and then they will draw on any walls. Lol.”

The Wilko website says: “Want to create a gorgeous style feature in your home but worried about dirty marks and little fingerprints? 

“Then, look no further. With our selection of washable wallpaper, you can have those standout touches without the hassle of having to redecorate frequently. 

“This wipeable wallpaper is designed to meet up the demands of busy family homes – simply wipe clean the wallpaper with a soft, slightly damp cloth. 

“And, as it comes in so many different styles and finishes, there's something for every room and taste.”

Meanwhile, a mum who lets her toddler son scribble all over the walls in crayon divides opinion after saying she loves his ‘art’.

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