My friend humiliated me after I gained weight from chemo & couldn't fit in my bridesmaid dress – but I got revenge | The Sun

A WOMAN got revenge on her 'friend' and bride-to-be after she said she'd ruin her wedding photos for putting on weight.

A wedding is meant to be a celebration of love, but one bridezilla was more interested in the aesthetic.

Taking anonymously to Reddit, the ex-bridesmaid said she and the bride had been friends for 15 years.

The wedding was put on hold due to covid – and she had also received big news during that time, that she had cancer.

While going through chemotherapy she and the bride went dress shopping together – making the appointments fit around her chemotherapy schedule.

The 24 year olds friend said she'd pay for the dresses and altercations and they decided to buy it in a size up as chemotherapy tends to make people gain weight.


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But when they tried on the dresses later, she found the dress wouldn't close, the bride seemed fine about it at first.

However, a few week later the bridal party went out fir dinner where the 24 year old ordered a pasta dish.

She claims the bride gave her a funny look and shockingly said: "it was no wonder I didn’t fit into the dress and how I couldn’t just say the weight gain was from the chemo."

Another person at the table told the bride it was a horrible thing to say.

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To which the bride said that her pictures would be ruined by a ‘whale who can’t stop stuffing their face’.

The woman claimed it wasn't fair as she had been on a diet to combat the weight gain from chemotherapy and got revenge by slamming the bride for being so rude.

" I told her that I can’t believe anyone could be as cold and heartless as to say that and considering how she’s been there throughout this whole thing the only conclusion I could make was that she’s a narcissist who should be given an Oscar for her acting talents.

"I said not to worry about the pictures because I wouldn’t be there at all and that I’m glad she can’t get a refund on the dress then told her fiancé he should just contact a divorce lawyer now to save time because it would be sad to be stuck with her then I left," she added.

Since then, some have told her she took her comments too far and wondered if she was in the wrong for snapping back at the bride.

But Reddit users were in agreement with her, one wrote: "You may have been her friend for 15 years. But, she hasn't been yours…"

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" She was cruel and rude, and also very very wrong if she thinks a size 10 is anything like fat," another added.

A third commented: "They are definitely not a true friend. Size shouldn’t matter. I’m sorry your being treated like that. Drop them immediately."

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