My friend is disappointed with her Christmas present because I didn’t spend enough – but her price point is ‘selfish’

CHOOSING a Christmas present for someone special can be an exciting endeavor.

We spend hours brainstorming the perfect gift and hope that the receiver will be delighted with the result.

One man said his gift-giving went terribly wrong when his friend on the receiving end complained that the present wasn’t pricey enough.

Posting to Reddit, a 28-year-old male said he is no longer speaking to his 27-year-old female friend because of an argument they had while exchanging gifts.

Although he said the female is “usually a very kind person,” this situation proved otherwise.

He began: “My friend is obsessed with the five love languages. She always asks people what their love language is, and she does her best to show love by using your love language.

“She says that her love language is receiving gifts, so everyone should put a lot of thought into her gifts.”

Knowing this was the case, he thought long and hard about what to get her for their holiday party.

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Her obsession with a specific, local brand of artisan coffee led him to purchase a large bag of the coffee and a matching mug.

“We did our gift exchange one week ago, and she seemed disappointed when she opened her gift. I asked her what was wrong, and she asked how much I spent on the gift.”

He told her the price—he spent $45—and she told him she expected him to spend more: “Preferably about $200.”  

“She said that my cheap gift meant that she felt unloved because receiving gifts is her love language,” he said.

Furious at her ungratefulness and childish reaction, he fought back.

“I called her selfish and materialistic and took the coffee and mug from her. I figured if she didn’t want it, she shouldn’t have it.”

Maddened, the man left the event without opening his own gift.

“Now we haven’t spoken in a few days.”

He asked his Reddit community the infamous question: “AITA? She clearly thinks I am, but I think she’s more of the AH here.”

Most commenters were horrified by her reaction and believed he was smart to exit the situation.

One began: “This. Just this. Your ‘friend’s’ explanation of ‘my love language is gifts’ and then demanding expensive gifts as a means to show your love back is just utter BS.

“I'd be curious to know just how 'kind' she is in other regards. And, I'll be honest here, I'd look at the examples very carefully to see if it's really a case of manipulation, rather than true kindness.”

Responding to this comment, another person wrote: “Agreed. She gives off the vibe of ‘I did all these nice things for my friends, so I deserve nice gifts.’ So entitled. I'm so happy he took the gift back.”

A third user found the woman’s reaction totally unwarranted, no matter what her love language is:

“Gifts are my favorite thing, and I would happy cry if someone made me something! Any thoughtful surprise is wonderful. This person is so ungrateful and not class.”

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