My heart stopped for a minute: Designer admits after seeing Dianas dress imperfection

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The Princess of Wales’ wedding dress was a ballgown of epic proportions. New documentary, Diana: Queen of Style, remembers the show stopping dress.

Fashion designer Elizabeth Emmanuel remembers Diana’s wedding day like it was yesterday.

Designing her dress was a huge undertaking.

She made the dress in the attic, in what she describes as “a tiny little room”.

She added: “I don’t know how we managed to create such a big dress in such a small area.”

“Looking at her getting out the carriage was one of the most amazing moments.”

She added: “It was literally metamorphosis.”

Diana stunned in an ivory, pure silk tafta.

This 80s look was accompanied by a 25 feet train.


Elizabeth remembers the event as “dramatic”, with the wind blowing the princess’ dress.

However, this led to a slight issue.

“The first thing that we noticed was the dress had got a bit creased.”

She admitted: “I have to say, my heart stopped for a minute”.

While much of the Royal Family have and remain somewhat unattainable, Diana never was.

The ‘People’s Princess’ was loved for her “imperfections”.

“It was not the normal kind of wedding dress where everything was all in the right place at the right time.

“It reflected what happened later. Diana wasn’t perfect. None of us are.”

Diana’s perfectly imperfect dress made her who she was.

It also made the headlines.

That, and her incredible, iconic 1994 ‘Revenge Dress’, continue to inspire today.

One of her legacies is that she has been named as ‘biggest royal style influencer’ with over 217,500 searches for her style.

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