My primary age kids spend hundreds on Mother’s Day and my husband whisks me away for weekends – I deserve nothing less | The Sun

MOST mums count themselves lucky if they receive a bunch of flowers come Mother’s Day, but for Esha Seth the day calls for something a little more extravagant.

The mum-of-two, 40, from Stockport, Manchester, says that come March 19th she will expect as much effort from her hubby as on her birthday, if not more.

But it isn’t just Esha’s husband Vishal, 41, who will be knee-deep in Mother’s Day plans with both daughter Cherisa, 11, and son Girik, 6, holding a track-record for thoughtful, not to mention, pricey presents.

And Esha says she is wholly deserving of her five star treatment.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, she says: “The rest of the year is very demanding of us mums. 

“You don’t often get time to yourself as a mum, certainly not a whole day anyway.

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“I work full time as a primary school teacher, by the time I get back home the kids need showers and dinners. My husband is supportive but my kids are demanding of me.

“Until they go to bed at about 9pm that’s the first time I get to sit down all day, it’s non stop till then.

“Even weekends we have clubs, parties, chores to do, I’m forever on my feet.

“My birthday and mother’s day are the two days in the year that I get off and be treated rather than thinking of others and I do expect to be treated.”

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And judging by previous years End Point Assessor Vishal has a lot to live up to.

“Last year he took me on a surprise weekend away in Leeds for two nights, as a change of scenery,” Esha says.

“He booked a spa for the next day, took me out for nice meals and even organised a shopping trip for me.

“Vishal paid for me to get my nails done, it was a full on weekend.

“Of course there were presents on top of that too. He bought me a Si by Giorgio Armani perfume retailing at £80 and the kids got me lovely little gifts and even filled the room with balloons.”

Esha’s daughter Cherisa is already giving her dad a run for his money in the present department.

“For my 40th she took all the money from her piggy bank and presented me with £200 cash,” Esha says.

“I was gobsmacked, I have saved it to put towards a shopping trip.”

Her family’s previous successes in the gift-giving department means that Esha is expecting big things this Sunday.

“My husband knows I like surprises but sometimes I will drop hints,” she says.

“I want to lie in bed until 10am and then I am expecting breakfast in bed with the nicest breakfast possible.

“From there Vishal is free to choose, he could go for a spa day, afternoon tea, a movie with the kids and a nice meal.

“Of course there will be presents on the side too.

“I expect I will get some gin or designer perfume from my hubby and my daughter will probably invest in some fancy makeup for me while my son will probably make me something nice.

“I’ve never been disappointed – my husband knows what makes me happy and I’ve been pleased every year.”

While Vishal never complains about Esha’s expectations, his fellow dads feel they have a lot of living up to do.

“He never complains, he loves showing off about how well he has done,” Esha says.

“I try my best for father’s day but unlike me he doesn’t have many expectations, I wouldn’t go to the same extent he does.

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