My sister has the most ridiculous name for her daughter – our parents are furious, they hate unique names & she knows it

A WOMAN has been left fuming by her sister's baby name choice for her daughter.

Taking to Reddit, she explained how her sister had always hated unique baby names – but had gone back on her word and picked a ridiculous name for her baby daughter.

In her post, the anonymous 17-year-old explained her older sister had never been close to her family as she moved to LA to become an influencer.

And her sister, 28, was trying her best to live the 'LA influencer lifestyle.'

When she gave birth to a girl last week, she had no idea what to call her but had picked out names like Elizabeth, Ashley, Ella and Anna – which her parents approved of.

But her younger sister, was suspicious of the names she had picked out.


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She explained how their parents hated unique baby names, and her sister knew they would be furious if she had picked a unique one.

The new mum held back on telling her family what her daughter was called – opting to reveal her name on Instagram.

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Her young sister said she was mortified when she realised her sister had called her child Kynzlynleigha Everella (Kin-zlin-lee-uh, Ever-ella).

She added: "I nearly stopped breathing it was the biggest mouthful of a name I have ever seen.

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"My parents were astonished, and disappointed.

"We called her and told her how the baby will always get picked on, and she just hung up."

Although she knows her sister makes hte final call on her daughter's name she asked if she was wrong for pointing out how 'atrocious' the name was.

But most Reddit users agreed, saying she'd be bullied for her parent's choice.

One wrote: "That is a horrible name and if you can prevent that from happening your future niece will thank you one day unless she comes up with something even worse. Yeah, truly awful name. What a burden for the kid. No respect for that."

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"Is she trying to get her kid bullied?." Another user commented.

A third said: "Thank you for trying to save your niece from what I assume will be not a lifetime, but at least 18 years of relentless bullying."

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