Our traveller caravan is full of gold china, diamante sofas & Dunelm buys – we also have a TRAILER for our designer bags

YOU might think living in a caravan can be crammed with minimum storage space for your clothes, but things are a little different for these Caravan Queens. 

With a walk-in wardrobe packed full of Louboutins, a fully equipped living room, kitchen and bathroom, the sisters Caitlin, 18, and Lizzy Mac, 20, are far from struggling to find space. 


In fact, their two bedroom trailer home which is fitted with a water supply and electricity is bigger than many posh city apartments.

In the second of our six-part exclusive series with Fabulous, the traveller sisters will be giving us a tour of their home and busting the myths around living in ‘tatty’ conditions.

Lizzy says: “On TikTok a lot of people have said ‘oh you live on the side of the road or on the motorway’ or that we live in a car park. Which doesn’t even make sense.

“We actually live on a site, and this is our permanent location. 

“We don't do any travelling, which means we don’t have to gather up and leave.

“We have our own place, which has a lot of open space. 

“People don’t realise but we have all the normal things as well, with things like kitchen appliances, a kettle, toaster, microwave, electric oven, gas cooker, extractor fan.

And then the water supply which is plumbed up just like it would be if you were in a house.”

The girls share their own trailer on a caravan site in St Albans, Herts, while their mum and four siblings live in a mobile home next door as well as five other traveller families.

Caitlin says: “We didn’t always live on the site, up until about seven years ago. We lived in a house before but we moved for better education

“I feel like living in a house, you are in your own bubble but on a site it's like OK you are in a bubble but it is a see through bubble everyone can see what you are doing during the day.

“We have the mobile which is where we cook, and have dinner parties and our living room where we watch the television.

One of the biggest questions everyone asks us, is do we actually have a WiFi box? The answer is yes!”

“And one of the biggest questions everyone asks us, is do we actually have a wifi box? The answer is yes!”

But it’s their walk-in wardrobe the sisters will be spending most of their time in either relaxing or getting glammed up for their sensational TikTok videos.

Their tiaras, Swarovski necklaces, Louboutins, Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags worth over £30k and have all been gifted to them from family members, will be locked away in there too. 


Lizzy says: “We have a summer house, which we built opposite our trailer and it is dedicated to our closet.

“We have our shoes, bags, some clothes, makeup, jewellery, everything that a girl needs all kept in there. 

“We have a sofa in there also, so we can get comfy when we are getting ready. 

“We have some of our shoes and bags out, and the rest is packed away in the draws.

“The ones on display would have to be our favourites at the moment. 

“We get really messy when we are doing our makeup so we have draws to keep it in, and they are perfect for just ripping out and pushing back in.”

And most importantly this is the area which is home to every girl's dream – a cabinet filled with makeup.

With mountains of Mac pallets, Bobbie Brown foundations, and Victoria Secret lip glosses spilling out of the draws, the sisters make sure they are always sparkling ready for a selfie.

People think we live on the side of the road or on the motorway

Lizzy says: “We don’t have much compared to most traveller girls.

“We like to mix both designer and drugstore brands, our favourites would be L’Oréal, Rimmel, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Too Faced.

“A lot of people would find it difficult to live in a site with the space. But as we show in the video, me and Caitlin have our own walk in wardrobe.

“We have our own trailer that we sleep in, but we are mainly in our closet area, getting ready, putting our makeup on, clothes and everything. 

“I think in a house, we wouldn’t have had that. We would’ve just had our bedroom.”


What are Lizzy and Caitlin’s favourite cleaning products?


Cif cream – lemon flavoured

Harpic bleach – toilet cleaner

Zoflora – favourite, disinfectant – bouquet

Flash bleach 

Microfibre cloth

A shammy used to clean the windows and mirrors

Bleach and lots of it, it is the best thing ever 

Disinfectant house 24/7 and its so cheap

Fairy Liquid is a must have 

And Flash again for cleaning up the floors – cherry blossom

And an eraser sponge is the best for getting out those little marks

In the family mobile there are two double sized bedrooms, which have been decorated head to toe with products from Dunelm along with their all beige bathroom which has wooden flooring, a bath as well as a shower, sink, and cosmetic cupboard.

The trailer is also set with a kitchen filled with gold plated china, crystal vases, Smeg fridge and Alessi kitchen appliances. 

And their living room, which has two leather sofas with diamantes embedded into it as well as a flat screen television on the wall and fireplace, is used as the family living area.

Then in the sisters trailer, which is similar to a studio apartment, has a shower room, kitchen and space for single bunk beds to sleep in.

Lizzy says: “Dunelm our go to for all our homeware, as well as the Range and M&S.

“But we just love Dunelms Dorma bedding range, I think every traveller does.

“We also will buy from Facebook and Instagram pages as well, things like our rugs have been bought from those sites. 

“We don't use the bathroom, or the shower in our trailer, we prefer to use the bathroom in the mobile. We basically just sleep in our trailer. 

We have a summer house, which we built opposite our trailer and it is dedicated to our closet!

“The mobile is the family space so we cook and our living room is in there.

“It’s a large caravan that is situated in one particular place and used as permanent living accommodation.

“The trailer is where me and Caitlin sleep, we don’t use the kitchen in there or the bathroom. 

“People will have mobiles at a permanent location and if they go travelling often it’s much easier to have a trailer.

“For me, I think the most awkward thing about living on a site is that we are living with loads of other people. We have five other families next to us on site, all mixed ages. 

“Someone might pop into visit them, and then might pop into us, so you are literally not prepared at all.”

Caitlin adds: “Another pain of living in a trailer is that you could be backbiting someone in the kitchen and they could hear you in their bedrooms, so that’s not very good – you have got to be careful what you say.”

Another big question the sisters often get from fans, is where do they wash their own clothes?

Caitlin says: “People think we do it with a hose, and ring it around to dry.

“But we actually have a shed that we wash our clothes in, it has the dishwasher and dryers in there too. 

“A lot of people leave their washing and laundry for one day, I put on at least four loads a day and then mats.

“We don’t like dirty and grimy clothes being stacked up.”

But for these Caravan Queens, cleaning is their top priority especially in preparation for unexpected visitors. 

Lizzy says: “It's not like your friend will ring you up and say ‘i’m coming over’ and then you’ve got time to get ready and tidy up a bit, people are always popping by and that’s why cleaning is a big priority.

“Some people just clean up once, but no, you have got to keep cleaning throughout the day because you don’t want it to be a tip. 

“It is funny to say, but I get really excited when we go shopping to get cleaning products. 


What are the Caravan Queens cleaning top tips

Always liquid and bleach to clean out the kitchen

Flash bleach on the tables before you wipe it down

Always keep your oven clean by cleaning it straight after you cook. 

Scrub the floor using a scrub brush and plenty of bleach and liquid disinfectant

Take down everything off the tables and out of the cupboard before cleaning when I clean it.

Clean after every meal 

Spanish cleaning products like Asevi are a must have 

“We are always like ‘oh look at the new flavour of Zoflora’, I am obsessed with it. 

“I think it’s a thing you realise as you get older.

“Spanish cleaning products like Asevi are very popular amongst the traveller girls, I think they’re much stronger.

“Number one rule is never go to bed with a mess around the place. Knowing if there was a mess would just keep me up all night.”

But for Caitlin and Lizzy keeping on top of the chores and having nice interiors is what they pride themselves most in.

We cook in this place, we raise kids, like our younger siblings, in this place, so it is important to us

Caitlin adds: “People on TikTok always say, ‘wow why is your home so clean?’

“But this is our home, and we have got to take pride in our appearances. 

“We cook in this place, we raise kids, like our younger siblings, in this place, so it is important to us.

“In the morning, when you make breakfast it will be clean from the night before, then you make breakfast for everyone to eat, and then give it another clean.

“Then it’s time for lunch, and the cycle repeats itself until after dinner time. 

“It is a family effort to keep the place clean, within the girls because boys just don’t clean up. “It is split into jobs amongst the girls.

“It is important to us, home is where the heart is.”


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