People say I've gone too far with what I cook in my Air Fryer but I don't care – here's how I make pasta bake in 10 mins | The Sun

AN AIR FRYER superfan has taken to TikTok to share how she makes the perfect pasta bake in just 10 minutes. 

But the dish seems to have sparked a heated debate, with some saying she’s taken her love for the countertop gadget too far. 

Jen, known online @airfry_jen, regularly shares quick and easy recipes with her 140,000 followers. 

In a new video, she shares how she makes her cheesy pasta bake in just 10 minutes – and claims it’s the perfect thing to take to work. 

During the 11-second video, Jen shares how she made the tomato and ham pasta bake in her Ninja air fryer. 

Off camera, she started by boiling her pasta. Once ready, she pours this in the base of her air fryer, with some diced-up ham. 


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She then pours her pasta sauce over the top and gives it a stir before cooking it on bake mode for 10 minutes. 

Just before the end, she adds some cheese onto the top and puts it back in to cook until this is melted. 

She said: “Work tomorrow which can only mean one thing…it’s pasta bake time! 

“160 degrees for ten mins on Bake mode.”

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Fans loved her quick and easy recipe, with the video gaining more than 142,000 likes and 11.1 million views. 

In the comments, Jen’s followers raved about her quick and easy lunch, with one writing: “Love this, I love the Ninja. Game changer.”

One shared their own suggestion, adding: “Next time put crumbled-up crisps, then the cheese.”

Although not all were impressed, with one commenting: “Why do people use air fryers for absolutely everything now? Y’all forgot about ya oven?”

Jen replied: “It's much cheaper using this than my double oven so it's a no-brainer to use this instead.”

Another said: “People will start using air fryers to make coffee next.”

Someone else put: “Please don't !!”

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