Scorned girlfriend gets revenge on her 'cheating' bloke with glitter prank – but people say SHE'S in the wrong

A SCORNED girlfriend got revenge on her “cheating” boyfriend by ruining his clothes in a revenge prank – but some people say she’s in the wrong. 

TikTok user @destinesia_xoxo revealed in a video that she gave her long-distance boyfriend a “second chance” after he was unfaithful, but he messed up for a second time. 

The heartbroken woman decided to get her revenge by giving him back his possessions – with a messy twist. 

In the video, Destiny put liberal amounts of hairspray on several of his clothing items, including a sports jacket, some T-shirts and what appears to be a necklace he had given to her. 

Then she folds them neatly and adds to a box, before emptying an entire envelope of glitter onto them.

Not only does it appear like the glitter will not easily come out of the clothes, but also that he will have a very messy explosion when he opens the box. 

She later explains that she used to send him love letters with glitter on them, so this revenge prank was her idea of a “smack in the face.”

Her TikTok video of the saga has been “liked” over 2.5million times, with many wishing they could have seen how the ex-boyfriend reacted to his glittery gift.

One person said: "I did that to my ex too, a great way to get closure."

However, some felt the revenge move was too immature, with some even labelling it “toxic” behaviour. 

One added: “Ah yes destroy his stuff how cool of you if he keys your car it’s his fault,.

Another added: "This is toxic too but y’all not ready for that conversation."

And a third wrote: "Why do people have to one-up each other in a break-up? Be the better person and move on."

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