Sun's out, buns out – we taste test eight supermarket hot cross buns

SUN’S out, buns out. Supermarkets are packed with the hot cross variety ahead of Easter.

There is an endless selection of the traditional toasted treat, but how many currants do you get for your currency?

Laura Stott taste tests eight supermarket hot cross buns, counting the dried fruit in each and offering a yum rating out of five.

Lidl Rowan Hall Bakery six hot cross buns, 85p

THESE deliver especially good flavour for an affordable price tag.

Individual buns are quite small and the chewy dough is fairly dense but they have a nice wide cross and loads of juicy fruit and nibs of peel.

There is a strong orange aroma and taste, which might not appeal to everyone. But they toast well and smell delicious warmed up.


Iceland six hot cross buns, £1

THE odd-looking yellow crust and sugar-syrup coating remind me more of an iced bun.

The gloopy coating makes them hard to tear off and separate into individual rolls, and also tricky to heat up without burning – be warned, turn your toaster setting down!

Unless you have a sweet tooth you might not be keen. Stingy on the raisins, too.


Asda Bakers Selection four hot cross buns, 65p

WITH a dry and pale brown crust, these have a strange raised white cross that falls off as soon as I tear into it. Gooey and heavy to nibble.

There is also an unpleasant, bitter aftertaste.

That said, the bread-like dough toasts evenly and, despite ultimately being disappointing on flavour and texture, they are jam-packed with fruit – the most in this test.            


Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference four hot cross buns, £1.25

THESE luxury buns have a higher price but they are worth it.

Large, plump and soft, with a perfect sunken white cross and a golden top, they look glorious and smell of spiced cinnamon.

Packed with three types of raisins and sultanas, these are good enough to eat without even warming up.


Co-Op four hot cross buns, 85p

DESPITE being rather small these look pretty good in the packet with an even, sunken cross and flecks of lemon peel. Sadly, the texture and flavour lets them down.

With dense, flaking dough these buns seem almost stale, and while toasting and slathering in butter improves things, they are bland.

Pretty mean on the raisin count, too.


Tesco Finest four hot cross buns, £1.50

THESE are full of extravagant, moreish ingredients like orange and lemon peel, flame raisins and buttermilk, which gives them a rich, intense flavour.

A dark golden top, soft fruit and dough, they are on the sweeter side without being sickly.

Very filling, packed full of fruit and with a lovely spiced scent, these are worth spending a little extra on.


M&S Luxury four hot cross buns, £1.65

A PICTURE-perfect classic hot cross bun with a completely symmetrical cross, honey-brown top, lots of fruit and spices and a rich, buttery dough that conjures the scent of Easter when toasted.

Although smaller and slightly denser than other luxury options, these look and taste like a treat – and you can justify tucking into a second with your cuppa.


Aldi Six Village Bakery hot cross buns, 79p

WITH a very dark crust and fruity undertones these are another excessively sweet option.

The sticky glucose coating was too much for me, but these do look tasty, with a lovely white cross and a decent amount of fruit. More spice could improve their flavour, though.

The budget buns are perfectly pleasant if unremarkable, but they are amazing value for money.           


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