The Polo Ralph Lauren Fall 2020 Collection is a Testament to Togetherness and Individual Beauty

Polo Ralph Lauren is celebrating the many personalities that make up its community with the label’s Fall 2020 collection. Since its inception, the iconic brand has transcended boundaries, appealing to both traditional dressers and non-conformists. In that spirit, the new range for men and women is modeled on photographer Tyrell Hampton and the friends that have become his muses. In the same way that the new collection aims to brings together many walks of life, Hampton’s journey of capturing scenes around New York has introduced him to a collective of creative collaborators and friends that bring various perspectives to his work.

Paying homage to individuality as well as the beauty that comes with blending viewpoints, Hampton poses with those around him who inspire him most. “When I moved to NY for college, I became infatuated with photography,” says Hampton, who wears the new Polo Ralph Lauren collection alongside friends Krystal, who he was introduced to during that time, and Thomas and Dwyer, who he met through New York’s downtown nightlife scene and mutual friends. “Over time they’ve become my muses because I see myself in them. Our love for community and drive to succeed has connected us.” Though they all hail from different backgrounds, each person’s style, passion points and knowledge help to drive the other’s creative process. With careers spanning music, fashion and modeling, each individual brings their own mindset to the group — and as a whole, they join forces to create a space for meaningful self-expression.

Holistically, the Polo Ralph Lauren collection serves as a testament to singular creators, like Tyrell, Krystal, Thomas and Dwyer, encouraging wearers to tap into their authenticity.  The wide-ranging collection caters to both the mainstream and subcultures, providing the sartorial tools for sharing one’s unique style and point of view. In doing so, each piece is a subtle nod to optimism and creating a brighter, more inclusive future.

Check out the collection in the images above and head to Ralph Lauren’s website to shop the selection.
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