These Comfortable Face Masks With Perfect Reviews Are Just $6

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I could time travel to February and tell myself what the rest of 2020 wouldentail. Maybe I wouldn’t want to ruin it for my past self. Maybe I’d let myself be naive for a couple weeks longer. Or maybe I’d tell my overly optimistic, six-months-younger self to buy a couple fabric face masks and start wearing them ASAP. 

Back in March, after it became clear that while out in public we should be wearing face masks, there was an inevitable shortage. The must-have accessory of the season was the one no trend forecaster could have ever seen coming, and it was the most important, rather the only important thing, anyone really needed to buy. Now that most retailers and brands have caught up with the demand, there are plenty of cloth face masks to go around. But that still hasn’t stopped an array of affordable, chic, and simple masks from selling out in record time. Somehow though, against all odds, Walmart has an option that fits that description (and has over 100 rave reviews to boot) still in stock — and for just $6 a piece (!!!).

Sofia Vergara’s affordable line for Walmart designed reusable face masks that come in packs of three with a travel pouch for $18. They’re available in two different color sets ranging from hot pink to baby blue Each one has contrast stitching across the nose and elastic ear loops to fit comfortably on your face and a cute Evil eye graphic on the side. They’re not super trendy, per say, like some of the tie-dye options celebrities have been wearing, but that’s exactly why it’s even more surprising they’re still in stock. They’re the kind of face mask you can wear with everything (if you’re into coordinating your outfits with your face coverings, that is). And they’re exactly what you’d tell your early-2020 self to stock up on if time travel was a thing.

Shop Walmart’s affordable face mask pack before it sells out, below. 

Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara Women’s Evil Eye Face Mask with Travel Pouch

Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara Women’s Evil Eye Face Mask with Travel Pouch, 3-Pack

Shop now: $18;

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