This Cooling Bra Prevents Chest Sweat, Even in 'Sticky, Hot, Humid' Weather – and It's Under $20

Even if you apply antiperspirant to your underarms every morning, sweat inevitably happens, and sometimes it's hard to conceal. While you can furtively wipe your brow at any moment, dealing with dreaded under-boob perspiration is a challenge — which is why Amazon shoppers have found themselves relying on Hanes's X-Temp Foam Wirefree Bra in the face of summer heat.

The cooling bra is like your favorite sports bra, but less constrictive and more streamlined, so it doesn't show underneath your go-to t-shirt. It doesn't contain underwire, but it does have flexible foam cups that give both shape and support. Its straps can be worn straight or criss-crossed, and its stretchy, "breathable" fabric makes it comfortable to wear even on the hottest summer days.

It's no wonder why over 2,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rating. "Finally, a bra for sticky, hot, humid Florida weather," wrote one. "Can't believe the lift it provides without a wire. Can be worn for daily bra or low impact sports bra. No sweating either. Have now bought two more. Seriously considering trashing all of my underwire bras."

Buy It! Hanes's X-Temp Foam Wirefree Bra, $10.64–$18.27;

Another added: "Fits perfectly, so comfy and flattering. Bottom does not roll up like most wireless bras. I live in Florida and most sports bras are HOT! This is not! No more boob sweat!"

Buy It! Hanes's X-Temp Foam Wirefree Bra, $10.64–$18.27;

Hanes's X-Temp bra is available in sizes small to 3XL and 10 colors. Shoppers with larger chests are impressed that it provides plenty of support sans underwire, and it doesn't give off the "uniboob" appearance that sports bras can create. Plus, it stays put, even on active days. "This will become your powerhouse bra," a customer said. "I dance in it, play tag, clean the house, and everything stays put."

Buy It! Hanes's X-Temp Foam Wirefree Bra, $10.64–$18.27;

With most prices around $15, Hanes's cooling bra is a great deal, according to Amazon reviewers, and some shoppers even call it the "best bra ever." Ditching underwire might just make for a more comfortable season — no sweat.

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