Thrifty dad makes stunning light-up snowman with her kids for outside and all you need are some old cups

A THRIFTY dad made an incredible outdoor snowman for his girls out of some old plastic cups, and it even lights up. 

With Christmas around the corner Brits are decorating their homes inside and out to bring some festive cheer, but if you didn’t want to fork out for pricey illuminated decorations one bloke has the answer. 

Doting dad Joe Macquaker created an adorable snowman out of cheap plastic cups, using around 400 in total. 

Joe and his girls, Keleigh nine, and Mace, five, stapled the cups in rings, before stacking them up to make the body and head of a snowman. 

As a finishing touch they added a scarf, eyes, buttons and a hat, and popped a light inside. 

Joe and his girls proudly placed their illuminated snowman in the garden, where he won't melt. 

Joe shared their creation to Facebook group Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks, where he said: “Loving my girls homemade outdoor Christmas snowman.”

Dozens of people liked the post, desperate to make their own. 

One person said: “That’s such a good idea how did you do this?”

Another wrote: “So cool.”

A third commented: “Love this.”

Someone else thought: “That’s really cool love it. Well done girls.”

While this person added: “I’m very impressed with your girls snowmen. They look great!”

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