Thrifty mum shares her meal plans and how to feed your family for just 63p a head by shopping at Aldi

A SAVVY mum has revealed how she feeds her family for 63p a head by shopping in Aldi.

Lara Joanna Jarvis is well known for her money-saving methods, shared her simple meal planning tips on her YouTube channel.

The mum-of-two recommends meal-planning before you do your grocery shopping to prevent you from buying unnecessary items.

Like most families, Lara is faced with a variety of different food demands, as she is flexitarian, her partner is vegan and her two kids still eat meat.

Before hitting the shops Lara sits down to meticulously plan each and every meal, and recommends viewers pick recipes which require store cupboard ingredients they are likely to own.

She was quick to remind viewers that she had started out with some main ingredients after digging around in her freezer including some prawns, fish, chicken, and mince.

Lara also grows her own salad, and so planned her meals around what she already had.

Sharing a top tip while meal planning, Lara added: “I buy fresh fruit and veg and on my last day or two meal idea.

“I’ll always do something that I can make a pasta sauce, a soup, or a stew in the winter.

“You can take all of those veggies, whizz them up and make a sauce or something so that you’re using them up, saving money and stopping food wastage.”

Her meals for the week comprised of smoky chicken skewers with red pepper salsa, fish tacos, fish cakes, peri peri chicken with spicy rice, meatballs, pies, and prawn stir fry.

Lara recommends shopping in Aldi to keep costs down and was able to buy enough food to feed her family-of-four for a week for £53 – that’s just 63p a head per meal.

As well as dinners Lara picked up food for breakfast, lunch, snacks as well as treats and puddings.

She even purchased cleaning products, crayons and a bottle of gin and remained in budget.

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