Thrifty woman shows how to make fluffy pancakes without a whisk and it takes minutes

PANCAKES are a staple food item in many households, yet cooking methods and preferences vary greatly. 

But one popular foodie shared a genius hack that will guarantee smooth fluffy pancake every time – and it's so easy that even the most basic home cooks can create the ultimate breakfast treat with ease.

Georgie Halfacree is the foodie behind many viral TikTok hacks including how to make your own oat milk, how to poach the perfect egg and even how to make your own butter from home.

But it seems the popular foodie is the gift that keeps on giving because now she's shared how to make the perfect pancakes using a mason jar – and it doesn't even involve any whisking.

She first created the video in February last year in the lead up to Pankcake Day, but her clever hack has since been doing the rounds on the video platform and has attracted over 165k likes – just on her Tik Tok alone.

And it's not hard to see why as both her recipe and method is an absolute lifesaver for anyone wanting to create easy pancakes at home.

Claiming she's come up with "the easiest recipe anyone can come up with at home," Georgie demonstrates her method using nothing more than a single mason jar.

She cracks one small egg into the jar and follows with equal parts milk and self raising flour.

She used two cups of each, but depending on how much you want to make you can increase or decrease the amount.

The clever foodie suggests putting the liquid in before the flour to avoid getting chunks of flour stuck to the bottom of the jar.

Georgie screws on the lid and shakes it vigorously with everything she has.

When you think you've shaken it enough, the foodie says to get a fork and give it a little mix to see if the mixture is smooth and lump free – shake some more if need be.

As she pours the mixture into the hot pan your mouth will begin to water (our words, not hers) because already you can tell they'll be the best pancakes you've ever eaten.

She says to pour in enough to just cover the bottom of the pan and cook on one side until you start to see air pockets appear.

Once it starts to catch around the edges, it's ready to flip and you'll have yourself the most incredible looking golden brown pancakes.

Georgie topped hers with a little butter and maple syrup, but the best part about pancakes is that you can get creative with the toppings and use anything you like.

In addition to her popular Tik Tok page, clever foodie also has a YouTube channel where she shares amazing and super easy recipes.

We suggest to take a look, pronto.

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