Woman asks whether she should break up with Welsh boyfriend of four years because he 'hates the English'

BEING proud of your roots is all well and good – but one woman has discovered that her Welsh boyfriend's "hatred of the English" is throwing a massive spanner in their relationship.

During their four-year romance she revealed he has refused to holiday in Cornwall, wants Welsh baby names for their kids and supported everyone except England in last year's football World Cup.

In a post on Mumsnet titled 'To break up with my boyfriend because he despises the English?' the woman asked whether she should split with him over it.

"Any opportunity he has to remind me how much he hates my country, he takes and runs with it. Gleefully," she wrote.

"I have learned welsh, immersed myself in his culture and tried so hard with all his family.

"He tries hard with my family on a superficial level but at the first mention of a holiday in Cornwall / us watching the last night of the proms (Elgar! The horror!) / supporting England in anything and he's awful about it. He openly supports anyone but England."

The woman admitted: "It's getting me down and frankly I don't want to use welsh baby names for future offspring, nor really bother with anymore welsh language lessons now.

"I know it's SO childish but I'm so resentful that he seems to think he can shit on my country yet heaven forbid I even mention the welsh weather!

"I wouldn't consider myself especially patriotic but I feel like I'm forever sticking up for my country now."

She then asked for people's advice over whether she should call it a day on their relationship.

Her fellow mums were divided over whether it was an issue or not.

One person wrote: "Life is too short- seriously, get rid."

Another agreed: "People with massive chips on shoulders get tedious fast. Unless he is kind, charismatic, interesting and amazing in bed think I would bail."

However, another suggested: "I think you need to have a serious conversation about it with him – explain exactly what you've said here and tell him how childish it is."

And a fourth added: "Yeah in all honesty I'd give up the Welsh speaking lessons and tell him he needs to sort out his serious issues."

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