Woman horrified after best mate tells her ‘you could’ve done so much more’ after asking if 18 was too young to have a baby

A MUM who asked her best friend whether she thought she'd had a baby too young, was horrified when the pal said she "could have waited and done more".

Esta's life changed when she became pregnant at 18, with the mum claiming "nobody understood what she was going through".

As part of BBC Three's We Need To Talk series – and in a bid to get closer to her best friend Brogan – Esta wanted to find out what she really thought about her teenage pregnancy.

"Towards the back end of being 18 I fell pregnant and I don't think anyone understood what I was going through or how hard it was," said Esta.

But when Esta asked Brogan whether she thought she had had a baby too young, she was shocked by the response.

"Erm, you are a totally different person to when we first met," Brogan replied.

And when Esta asked whether that was "better or worse", Brogan explained: "Erm… I just think, you know, your dad passed at a young age and I feel like since that time you've been searching for something to fill that void.

"I feel like in having a child, you thought that would fill that spot.

"Looking back on it now, we were children, we had a lot of growing up to do.

"You could have waited, you could do so much more, you shouldn't let that hold you back and I feel like you have in a way.

"You need to understand I'm your best friend, you can tell me anything anytime, just talk to me."

Esta took the comments positively, however, revealing: "I think everything she's said about me has been positive.

"If it's not necessarily positive it's things I can work on in the future."

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