Woman reveals cheap ways you can make your house look expensive including a simple curtains hack

A HOME stylist has revealed cheap tips and tricks on how to make your pad look more expensive – including a simple curtains hack. 

Julie, who does worldwide consultations for homeowners planning to redecorate, regularly explains hacks to her 464.3k followers on TikTok.

And if you're struggling with decorating or trying to avoid your home looking cheap and tacky, it may all be down to your curtains. 

In a video on her TikTok @the_avantgarde, she explains that homeowners must avoid draping curtains which are too wide with not enough window panels on display. 

Instead, she says: “If you want to make your house look expensive, measure the width of your window and multiply that by three, it will be the total width for curtain panels needed in order to achieve a luxurious look and feel.”

And to help understand the formula more, one follower commented saying: “Ok so say the window is 36” wide, 36 x 3 = 108, so she’s saying get 108” worth of curtains. So 2 x 54” wide panels.”


To which she replied: “Nailed it!” 

She also explains in another video that she makes her own artwork and how to make it look expensive, even though she is not an artist.

She says: “I make my own art, and it is so easy. 

“I always use acrylic paint. For this one I wanted a beige with warm undertones, and you should know I am not an artist by any means but this is how I do my background. 

“I used various shades of tints to give it some dimensions. Once my background was done, I used blue painters tape to get straight lines.

“The biggest secret to elevating any artwork is always adding it to a frame.”

 And in a third video, she gives three simple tips on improving an outdated bathroom. 

She says: “Fresh coat of paint, update mirror and light fixtures and declutter.” 

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And then Julie comments on her own video adding: “I always advise against painting natural materials – nature is the most timeless of all. Find ways to work with it.” 

For anyone who is struggling with extra space on the wall around your TV, she says: "Balance the empty space with your TV and TV stand, and whatever you decide to use just be sure to use blue painters tape to plan ahead."

Commenting on her own video, Julie also adds: "My favourite is to paint a strip framing around the TV to the ceiling, or a vertical slat wall using wood. Works every time, with every ceiling type."

Julie also gives some handy tips on the types of colours used in your home, and to be aware of certain ones as they can impact your mood.

She says: "Warm colours such as red, orange and yellow, evoke excitement.

"Using them in areas for relaxation can actually reduce anxiety, meanwhile, warm colours such as blue, green, or purples, promote relaxation."

Another tip in making your home look more expensive is by adding plants.

Julie says: "Believe it or not, they elevate the perception of the space. They add in texture and colour.

"Use them to balance scale and proportion by creating visual interests by drawing our eyes upwards."

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