Woman sends Tinder matches an ‘application form’ asking if they’re ‘feminist’ & ‘like cats’ before agreeing to a date

A WOMAN has revealed she sends matches on Tinder a bizarre ‘application form’ to fill in – before agreeing to go on a date with them. 

While most people want to ensure any potential dates are a good match for them, one woman took it to the extreme by grilling blokes over whether they like cats or Taylor Swift – in writing. 

Her bonkers form has gone viral, after it was uploaded to Reddit. 

A text exchange shows her wasting no time and immediately launching into a question about the form, saying: “Would you be interested in filling out a date application?”

Clearly bemused, the bloke asks: “A what.”

Undeterred, she replies: “It’s a Google form with important questions.” 

Snaps of the very detailed questionnaire show she’s keen to know whether her future boyfriend is a feminist. 

And she also wants to be very clear about their intentions, asking them if they’re after ‘an exclusive relationship’, ‘a hookup’, an ‘open or poly relationship’ or ‘someone to go on fun dates with’. 

Seemingly a fan of Harry Potter herself, she asks potential suitors which Hogwarts house they are, before asking them what their favourite Taylor Swift song is. 

And lastly, she asks them where they live – and if they like cats. 

The bonkers set of questions has raised a few eyebrows online, with one person asking: “Why couldn’t you just carry out a regular conversation and just ask these questions?”

Another thought: “I’d fill it out and end with a 10/10 Awkward.”

A third reckoned: “You can already tell by the questions this is one of the most insufferable people on the planet.

"Thank them for the warning and move along."

Agreeing, this person wrote: “Red flag.”

While this person added: “It seems very narcissistic – we don’t learn anything about her.”

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