Woman shares the three things every new mum needs to put in her hospital bag

WHEN preparing for a new baby, there’s a lot to consider. Anything that you can do to make the experience less stressful is worth doing. 

One new mum has shared a video on TikTok about the things that every new mum should have in her hospital bag. 

She started the video – which she shared on her TikTok account @hortonlane – by explaining that these are the “three things I wish I would have remembered to pack in my hospital bag”.

The mum shared three items plus a bonus must-have in her video. 

She said: “One, handheld fan.”

“All those hormones running through your body during and after labour you’re gonna want air blowing on your face.”

The new mum recommends taking a handheld fan that has a number of speeds, is rechargeable, and can stand up on its own. 

She also recommends taking a sleep mask in your hospital bag with you, explaining that: “Even with the lights off, there are a lot of machines that emit light in your hospital room.”

She continues: “number three, ear plugs or headphones.”

“Hospitals are noisy and I wished I had these when my husband was watching the baby while I slept.”

As for the extra product, the mum explains: “Bonus, a nice little night light. Instead of turning all the lights on when you have to feed or change the baby in the middle of the night.”

She recommends a night light that dims, is rechargeable and is a small size. 

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