Woman’s newspaper dating ad from 1888 goes viral as she seeks a husband to support her

DATING is a minefield with some people very specific about what they’re looking for in a partner.

And it seems not a lot has changed over the years, with a lonely hearts advert from 1888 going viral after it resurfaced online. 

The singleton, from Texas, placed an ad in her local paper looking for a prospective husband. 

But the unnamed woman had a strict criteria her partner needed to meet – including making a good salary. 

She cuts straight to the chase and says she doesn’t want to work, so she needs a husband to support her, and he also can't be a big drinker or love tobacco. 

The ad says: “Wanted – a husband – must not chew tobacco, drink whisky or swear; must be in business and willing to take care of a girl who doesn’t like to work.”

It adds where she’s from, listing: “Address ‘Annik B’, care spectator, Dodd city, Texas.”

The advert was shared on Reddit after someone stumbled across the more than a century-old newspaper. 

They captioned the image: “A newspaper want ad from 1888 in East Texas.”

[Must be] willing to take care of a girl who doesn’t like to work

The upfront ad attracted numerous comments from people, who claimed the woman sounded like someone after their own heart. 

One person wrote: “This is 1888, what is the problem? She's not asking for much.”

Another agreed with the singleton, saying: “To be fair, chewing tobacco is foul.”

A third commented: “I mean… I could have written that myself.”

And after doing a quick Google, someone else pointed out: “Dodd City, Texas currently has a population of 392. Pickings are still slim.”

While someone else added: “I don’t think you realize the limitations on women in those days. They weren’t allowed to keep their wages, couldn’t vote, own property or enter into contracts, just to name a few. 

“Marriage was the only option for many women.”

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