You can now buy Halloween versions of Mrs Hinch’s favourite Scrub Daddy and cleaning fans can’t get enough

CLEANING fans are scrambling to get their hands on a very spooky special edition of one of Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning products.

The Scrub Daddy sponge, which often crops up in the cleanfluencer’s Instagram stories, is now available in a Halloween variety.

  • Scrub Daddy Halloween Special Edition 3 Piece Bundle, £9.99 – buy here

The Spooky Scrubber comes in three different horrifying shapes, including a pumpkin, a ghost and a Frankenstein’s Monster.

The three sponges are fitted with the same FlexTexture® which means the sponge changes based on your water temperature.

In warm water they’re soft and more absorbent and in cool water they’re firm for scrubbing seriously stuck-on messes meaning your dishes will be creepy clean in no time.

The limited edition Halloween collection has just landed in the UK and those hoping to get their hands on one better be quick as they have already sold out in the US.

You can buy a three piece bundle from Packing Sorted, now reduced to just £9.99.

The sponges are also available to buy at The Range, Quality Discounts and B&M – and fans are already desperate to get their hands on one even if Halloween is over a month away.

Commenting on the official Scrub Daddy Instagram, one wrote: “I want these. I need these. I must have these. Aaarrrgggghhhhh 😍😍😍”

“I NEED THESE!!” added another, while a third wrote, “I need these! They're so cute🎃🎃”

In other Halloween news, this couple have come up with a way to socially distance trick or treaters.

And Lush has released its Halloween range for 2020 – including glow-in-the-dark soap.

Plus Halloween trees are the new trend for people who love all things spooky.

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