You've been eating apples 'wrong' – man's technique shows how to eat remaining third

ONCE they're done chowing down on all the crisps and inhaling our supply of sweets, the next thing our kids move onto is the fruit basket- which means a bag of apples last about an hour in household.

And while we can't complain about our kids actually liking fruit, they do have a tendency to take five bites out of an apple before tossing it aside.

Sound familiar? Then this TikTok hack is about to revolutionise the way you and your family consume fruit. Yes, REALLY.

Earlier this month, American comedian Matt Mayerle filmed a video claiming most people only eat about two thirds of their apples.

He said: "Here’s a mean and helpful life hack to help you save money on apples because every time you eat one, you throw away a third of it.

"What you refer to the core doesn’t actually exist, it’s the same consistency as the rest of the apple."


Instead of turning the apple on its side and eating it that way, Matt said you should start at the very bottom and work your way up.

When he gets to the middle, he simply pops out the seeds and removes the stem.

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Dubbing the apple core "a myth", Matt filmed himself eating the rest of the fruit and then proudly showed the remaining seeds and stem.

He added: "Maybe now you won’t waste so much damn money on apples. Now that you know."

The clip has racked up almost 180,000 views since it was posted three days ago and left viewers stunned.

One joked: "It just dawned on me that if I eat an apple whole, I leave the ‘core’.

"But if I slice it, then I just pick out the seeds – so yes this is true!"

Another added: "I've been doing this for years and everyone thinks I'm crazy."

Meanwhile, a third said: "You’re wrong the core is texturally different.

"There are seeds air pockets for seeds some times and the surrounding area is usually firm like the stem."

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