12 Best Mini Fridges | The Sun UK

THERE'S no denying they’re cute and often have the novelty factor, but what exactly do people use mini fridges for?

Mini fridges tend to be used for keeping drinks cold in rooms other than the kitchen, but they can also be handy for storing food too.

They’re great for students and house-sharers who want to keep their stuff away from hungry invaders; they make a cool addition to a home bar or even a patio or balcony entertainment area; and they’re also a welcome addition to the office or even the bedroom for those too lazy to go all the way to the kitchen.

Feature wise, before you buy, give some thought to how much you’ll need to stare in your new mini fridge, and also whether you need any special features such as a freezer compartment, a lockable door or a taller space for wine bottles.

We’ve rounded up some mini fridges of all styles to help you find one you can fall in love with.

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