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SPRING is in the air and it's the ideal time to start drying clothes outside again.

Using a washing line outdoors is better for the environment and more energy efficient than cranking up your radiators or using the tumble dryer. Cutting your energy bills makes it a cheaper way to dry your washing too.

From rotary and free standing to retractable and wall-mounted, there's a huge choice of different types of washing lines – all accommodating different volumes of washing. So consider how much washing your household generates when deciding on a washing line.

Price is also a factor and there are washing lines in our list to suit every budget – from £9 to £220 or more.

A basic option is to buy a basic washing line with a strong steel core, which can be fastened to trees or fence posts.

If you want a more advanced option, consider a single or dual retractable washing line – or a rotary washing line – such as the Brabantia Lift-O-Matic.

Not sure which to go for? Read on for our roundup of the best washing lines available to buy in 2023.

Best washing lines at a glance:

  • Best retractable washing line: Argos Home Retractable washing line
  • Best wall-mounted: Denny International 4 & 5 Arm Rotary Airer 
  • Best travel washing line: solotrekk Deluxe Travel Clothes Washing Line
  • Best premium rotary washing line: Brabantia Lift-O-Matic
  • Best heavy duty washing line: Rotaspin Heavy Duty Retractable 5 x 7m Line
  • Best for wet weather: Leifheit Rotary Dryer with Umbrella
  • Best freestanding rotary washing line: Lakeland Free-Standing Outdoor Rotary Airer
  • Best folding frame washing line: Hills FD45603 Supa Fold Mono

1. Natural Cotton washing line Pulley by Smith’s

  • “The Strongest” Natural Cotton Clothesline Pulley by Smith’s | 10m/33ft x 5.5mm, £8.99 from Amazon – buy here

This simple, natural cotton washing line is super strong with a pulling force of 130kg.

It's carefully braided to be strong but also soft so it won't snag your clothes.

Secure it to trees, a balcony or a garden fence, use it to set up an inside drying rack in your utility room, or string it on a rotary clothes horse.

The general consensus? It's incredibly strong and gets the job done for just £8.99.

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