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WEIGHT and speed are some of the most important things to consider when choosing the best hand mixer for your needs.

Here, we explain what you should be looking for and reveal our favourites after testing a range of leading brands.

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What to look for in a hand mixer

Weight is one of the most important factors when choosing a hand mixer – as you’ll be holding this device and moving it around during use, it needs to be relatively lightweight. Speed and power are both important too, but that doesn't mean the fastest and most powerful device is always best.

Instead, you’ll need something that can start off slow so you can incorporate any wet and dry ingredients without splashing, but it should also be powerful enough for whipping up cream or egg whites quickly.

It should also have a sturdy, square base so you can rest it on your counter without it falling over if you need to set it down for a moment.

Unless it’s a cordless model, you should also look for an option with a longer power cord as this will give you more room to manoeuvre the device.

And of course, it helps if the device is easy to clean. Most beaters that come with hand mixers are dishwasher safe but if you’re washing it by hand, look for ones that don’t have the central spindle.

We tested a whole range of the best hand mixers from leading brands below. Read on for our verdict.

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