Air Jordan: A Peek Inside Michael Jordans $61 Million Private Jet

He’s arguably the most famous NBA player of all time and the first billionaire athlete in the world. With more income coming in retirement than ever on the basketball court, Michael Jordan has the luxury of purchasing just about anything he wants.

With a net worth of $2.2 billion, Jordan shattered the concept of endorsement deals in 1984 when Nike agreed to pay him $500,000 per year for five years, but it didn’t end there. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jordan worked with Nike, Gatorade, Wheaties, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and many other top brand names. He owns several luxurious mansions in Jupiter, FL, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, and Salt Lake City, UT.

The NBA superstar has a $21 million yacht called ‘Mr. Terrible’, an $80 million yacht called ‘Joy’ and yet another $80 million private yachts called ‘Catch 23’. With a large luxury car collection, multiple real estate investments, and of course, a private jet, Jordan seems to have it all.

The private jet cost the famous ballplayer $62 million, but after undergoing renovations over the years, the price of the plane is probably much higher and is distinctly Jordan – allowing fans to spot it from miles away.

Check out the interior and exterior of Michael Jordan’s private plane.

From A Distance

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Jordan’s Gulfstream G-IV originally sported a powder blue and white wrap in honor of his alma mater, The University of North Carolina, but in 2017, he re-designed the private jet with a grey, white and black elephant print, presumably after his Jordan Brand shoes according to Private Jet Clubs.

If you weren’t sure from the print design, the tag number on the plane’s engine says N236MJ; his jersey (23), the number of titles he’s won (6), and his initials (MJ). On the wing, you can spot the silhouette of a basketball player dunking, similar to the official logo of the NBA.

The private plane has high-caliber Rolls-Royce engines and, according to Article Crib, has a payload permit to go long distances with low fuel consumption. With Jordan’s renovations to the jet, it’s no longer ordinary and considered one of the top luxury jets due to changes made. In fact, the jet can travel distances of up to 12 hours without stopping.

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Inside the Jet

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Not a lot is known about the interior of Jordan’s private plane; however, when you’re in the air for hours at a time, he certainly wants to travel in style with the best amenities money can buy.

Traveling in top-of-the-line luxury, Jordan’s jet has space for 16 people to travel onboard, not including the two required pilots. According to YouTube, the custom airplane includes white leather recliner seating, a dining area for first-class meals, and large windows near every seat. He regularly travels from his home in Florida to the Bahamas according to flight records and isn’t shy about swinging by and picking up friends like Tiger Woods, Dennis Rodman, and Scottie Pippen.

In typical Jordan style, the jet contains a bar with the best drinks available. In fact, the couch seating area transforms with a push of a button into the bar furniture needed to serve guests. For those long flights and with time to relax, there’s certain to be a stash of cigars – Jordan’s favorite. According to ABC News, the luxurious private bedroom includes a large bed, stylish furniture, and a large bathroom.

Where’s Jordan Traveling Today?

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Jordan made headlines with the Netflix documentary series, The Last Dance, which focuses on his time with the Chicago Bulls, but today, Jordan lives in Jupiter, FL, with his wife, Yvette Prieto, and their two daughters, Victoria and Ysabel Jordan. He’s the owner of the Charlotte Hornet’s basketball team and frequently travels to North Carolina on business.

Jordan travels the world in style, including former NBA players, business partners, family, and friends on the regular trips. His love for golf, basketball, and baseball has prompted Jordan to seek sports venues across the United States and beyond, often picking up a group of friends and jetting off to a new golf course across the country.

When vacationing with his wife and kids, Jordan often uses his private jet to travel to the ocean and board one of the several ultra-luxury yachts he owns and, more often than not, find themselves touring local island destinations and warm, sunny beaches.

With a private jet like the N236MJ, Jordan’s ability to do whatever he wants, whenever is convenient, makes those business meetings, vacation destinations, and high-profile NBA events that much more accessible.

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