‘Amazing’ 60-year-old mum shares ‘glowy’ skincare routine

Trinny Woodall reveals her morning skincare routine

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YouTuber India Batson sat down with her mum, known as “Mama Batson”, to talk through her “highly requested” skincare routine with an audience of 436K subscribers. The 60-year-old says she struggled with oily, sensitive skin for most of her life, and has been prone to eczema and rough patches, but through trial and error has found a routine which works to “soften and tighten” the skin.

Mama Batson has been hailed as looking “amazing” for her age by fans in the comments section, who were keen to find out how she achieves her glowy, youthful look.

According to the YouTube mum, identifying your skin’s unique needs is essential for finding the right skincare routine. She said: “Everyone’s skincare needs are different, but this one is great for me. What I’m looking for from my skincare routine is something to soften and tighten the texture to make it more silky.”

Mama Batson explained how her skincare routine begins in the shower, and then progresses through the day to include both morning and nighttime product applications.

“Starting in the shower, I love to shower in the mornings and India got me started a few years back on this brand L’Occitane,” she said.

“It’s a shower oil, so there is nothing drying in it and I love that. It just feels so luxurious, but it’s a pricey line.”

L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Oil is £33 for a 500ml bottle from the brand’s website. However, if that is too pricey, Mama Batson has a purse-friendly alternative.

“I went ahead and found a much less expensive body oil, but a similar option [which contains] sunflower oil and other oils,” she explained. “It’s palmers brand, it’s $5 or $6 (approximately £4.00 to £5.00) you get it at the drug store.

“I put it on after the shower and I love it and then I follow up with the Cetaphil moisturising cream. Dermatologists will always recommend this product to you and my dermatologist recommends the cream over a tube of lotion and it does seem to be more moisturising. I put this on after the body oil all over arms legs and chest.”

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A 250ml bottle of Palmers Coca Butter Formula body oil can be purchased from Boots for £5.39, while a 450g tub of Cetaphil moisturising cream is available for £16.

Moving on to the face, Mama Batson emphasises the importance of properly removing your make-up. While make-up wipes might be a quick way to scrub off face and eye products, they could have a negative impact on your skin.

Instead, she recommends Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Make-up Remover. She added: “I’ve used this forever to take off mascara, eye pencil, eye shadow, everything, and then [I use] Dermalogica Pre-cleanse. I really enjoy it.”

A 100ml tube of Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Make-up Remover can be purchased from the Clinique website for £26.00 and a 150ml bottle of Dermalogica Precleanse is available for £29.60 from John Lewis. When it comes to skincare lotions and oils, Mama Batson says her all-time favourite brand is Tatcha.

Founded in 2009 by Victoria Tsai in San Francisco with an innovation centre in Japan known as the Tatcha Institute, Tatcha is a modern skincare brand rooted in classical Kyoto rituals. Earlier this year, the brand launched its UK website where you can order products online. For a hands-on, in-store shopping experience, the brand is also stocked by Space NK.

“It is clean, it is synthetic free, all of the products have synthetic free fragrances and it’s cruelty-free,” said Mama Batson.

“My skin is ultra-sensitive and I end up with dermatitis and eczema… but ever since I started to use Tatcha I’ve had no problems, so it’s good stuff. My favourite of the cleansers is the rice cleanser in the dewy skincare line. It’s so nice and the rice gives you this gentle exfoliation. I really do love it.”

The Tatcha Rice Polish can be purchased for approximately £33. Finally, at night time, Mama Batson recommends using The Dewy Skin Cream, from Tatcha. This retails for £63.

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