Americas Next Top Models most hilarious beauty makeovers – including ramen noodle look

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America’s Next Top Model showed on TV for a whopping 15 years, and during all those seasons we saw some, well, astonishing beauty makeovers.

The show, hosted by supermodel Tyra Banks, became a must-see across the globe thanks to its tears, tantrums and terrible hair transformations – some still being talked about even today, years after the show was axed.

Now, in a new viral TikTok video posted by user Chrystheauthor, those who weren’t old enough to remember the makeovers, and those who just definitely need a reminder of them, are able to see some of the greatest before-and-after transformations to have happened during the show’s history.

Chrys’ initial video depicted four makeovers she deemed the “most f***ed up”, and did so well that she’s gone on to record four more. The second video, and in our opinion the funniest, featured perhaps the most iconic transformation in ANTM history – what came to be known as the “ramen noodle” look.

“Last we have Molly from cycle 16. The funniest part of this makeover is that Tyra bigged it up beforehand. She talked about how she brought in a weave specialist to slay Molly down. This is what they did! I can’t even laugh, this is illegal,” Chrys jokes.

“They sewed ten pounds of ramen noodles into this girl’s head. Her scalp was bleeding and everything, just to look like she came in shrimp, beef and chicken.”

The TikToker explained that Tyra and the producers even admitted the look wasn’t the best, but “still made her keep it for several more episodes”, adding that “jail time is necessary”.

Also featured in the short video is Ann from cycle three, who was left with some unfortunate face-framing highlights. It looks a little bit like the now-popular money-piece accent trend, but with a dodgy 90s spin.

Saliesha from cycle nine also made an appearance in Chry’s round-up video. The brunette beauty entered the show with flowing waves, but left the makeover episode with what the TikToker likens to a "Dora the Explorer" bowl cut. Luckily she actually managed to pull off the look quite well.

Finally, any ANTM fan will remember Brittany from cycle eight. “She started off with a cute, sophisticated haircut, and they turned her into Ronald McDonald,” says Chrys, also pointing out the fact that her weave or hair extensions most definitely did not blend into her original flame-red pixie crop.

Can it just return to our screens already, please?

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