Beauty expert shares common eyebrow mistakes can ‘age you’

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Beauty trends are always changing but in the last few years, eyebrows have been a huge focal point in the industry. According to Sarah Amelia Fogg, celebrity makeup artist and owner of award-winning brow brand Brows by Sarah, “eyebrows are one of the most controversial facial features [since] they are ever-changing, even more so now due to constantly altering Tik Tok trends”. So how do you know whether the eyebrow shape you have, is the most flattering for your face? Sarah spoke exclusively to and shared her top tips for achieving ageless eyebrows. 

Discussing how eyebrow shapes have changed over the years, Sarah said: “Brow trends reappear every now and then. The debatable skinny brow was a firm favourite in the 90s before dying out in the recent decade. However thin brows are certainly making a comeback with celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Rihanna recently sporting the look. 

“On the other hand, natural, fluffy brows are now one of the most popular eyebrow styles which is a real contrast to what used to be considered ‘in style’. 

“The main difference in brows over the years is the shape. It is now much more acceptable to have natural, fluffy brows whereas 10-20 years ago, it would be unheard of to have a single hair out of place. Everything in the beauty world is becoming much more natural. 

“Although eyebrow shapes are constantly shifting with the times, I always strongly recommend trying to honour your natural brow shape as this will suit you the best and will look the most effortless. Whether it’s opting for the skinny brow or a more fluffy shape, our brows are extremely personal and you want to go with the most natural shape and style that works best for you,” she added. 

The natural, fluffy brow is currently really popular, and they can be “achieved by keeping the natural growth and not tinting the brows too dark to frame the face softly”. 

“Although many brow trends are reappearing such as skinny brows, the most commonly received request from my clients is to make their brows look natural,” the expert explained. “Everyone now wants the best version of their own natural brows, or what I like to call ‘your brows but better’ and I think this is because we are all moving towards a more accepting era when it comes to wearing no makeup or very little.” 

As for how a woman’s eyebrows change as she ages, Sarah revealed: “The brow hairs gradually get thinner and sparser in certain areas. The shape of your brows will change with age as the tails and bulbs will start to recede. 

“Brow hair also changes colour the same as your normal hair so if you start to go grey, your eyebrows will adopt this colour change as well. 

“However, I think it’s important that we embrace ageing. Our facial features changing is not necessarily something to hide, but rather an indication of ageing gracefully but it is perfectly understandable that some of us may prefer to keep our brows youthful for as long as possible and there are many ways to do so,” she added. 

“One of the most prominent areas that give away your age is your brows. They are the most common area I see where people make mistakes that age them. Neglecting your brows completely can make you look older, especially if you have sparse brows. Similarly, going too heavy on the product can also age you. 

“As we age, our brow arch naturally drops. So, if the defined look is what you’re after, avoid adding too much colour to the tail of your brow as overextending will draw your face down. 

“In general, you want to avoid adding too much product so I recommend starting at the tail and then working inwards. Doing this can help you work with the natural shape of your brow, keep it looking fluffy and help you avoid applying too much product.

“Applying too much product, in general, is a common mistake that can age you whether that’s with your brow products, eyeliner or foundation. In general, less is more,” Sarah said. 

The eyebrow expert also suggested “avoiding tweezers unless you’re plucking from the glabella (the flat area between your eyebrows above your nose)”. 

She explained: “Plucking hairs from around the arch and bulb can be detrimental to your brow health and growth as we never know how long it’ll take for those hairs to grow back, in some cases, they may never return. 

“Once the tweezers have been used, there’s no going back. So if you are looking to remove some brow hairs, I’d recommend going to a professional who can advise you on what is best. Otherwise, try to let your brows grow to help them fill in naturally and look fuller.”

For anyone looking to thicken eyebrow hairs or improve overall shape, the Wow Brow mascara reactivates brow growth, whilst stimulating keratin production and strengthening weak and sparse brow hairs. It is rich in botanical extracts and peptides meaning it will not only promote hair growth but keep your brows looking and feeling healthy as well as sculpted and lifted all of the time.

Sarah also suggests: “If you’re someone with slightly thinner, sparser brows and you want to add in a few more hairs and strokes, a brow pencil with a precise, triangular nib will provide you with the precision needed to draw hairs on while still keeping that natural look.’

“I also recommend using a strong clear brow gel to hold the hairs in place and help your fluffy brows to last longer. The Fluff It Up brow gel is so easy to use and lasts all day. It can be used with or without makeup but if using it with makeup be sure to use it at the end of your routine to get the full effect of the sculpt and lift. Apply with the brow spoolie, gently brushing in an upwards direction, starting at the bulb of the brow, making your way to the tail.” 

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