Boy, 13, wakes from three-week coma thanks to Lynx deodorant ‘miracle’

A schoolboy who nearly drownedsch was woken from a three-week coma thanks to the smell of his favourite Lynx deodorant.

Kacper Krauze, 13, spent 25 minutes submerged underwater after going into shock while paddling in the freezing water of the River Eden in Cumbria.

His body was pulled from the water with paramedics managing to restart his heart in an air ambulance on the way to hospital.

Despite this, Kacper remained in a coma for three weeks – with his parents and medics trying everything to revive him.

But, when intensive care nurses at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital told his parents to bring some personal items to hospital, mum Wioletta was amazed when he woke up after she sprayed the Lynx.

She said: "It was a miracle. We had tried everything to wake him up.

"A nurse had suggested I bring some of his toiletries to wash him with.

"As soon as I sprayed the Lynx he opened his eyes immediately. He must have remembered that was his favourite smell."

Wioletta described the terrifying day she had husband, Marek, got a call saying Kacper was in trouble in the water, reports the Metro .

He had been playing with his brother paddling when it's understood the cold sent him into shock and he fell in.

Wioletta and Marek raced to the scene, and were terrified when they couldn't find their son in the water.

She added: "Somebody called the fire brigade and it was a fireman who jumped in the river and pulled him out."

After receiving five electric shocks to start his heart in the helicopter, Kacper eventually responded.

His desperate parents then spent every day at his bedside, continually chatting and playing music in a bid to wake him up.

After the Lynx miracle, Wioletta says she is always going to wear the deodorant, calling it her "lucky charm".

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