Charity shares snaps of pooches perched on ledges

How much is that doggy in the window? Proud owners share sweet snaps of their pets perched on ledges for contest to find the nation’s cutest

  • Dogs often sit in the window waiting for their owners or looking out for squirrels 
  • To celebrate adorable dogs SafeStyle UK launched a #DogInTheWindow contest
  • Here, they share some of the most adorable dog snaps with FEMAIL, from a sweet golden retriever to a musical great dane

One thing all dog owners know is when they return home from a trip out, their pooch will be excitedly waiting for them.

And often a dog will be perched on a window ledge, ready to say hello as soon as they get home.

According to a new study from Safestyle, owners made more of a conscious effort to spend time with their pooches and pets during lockdown. 

To celebrate, the double glazing company is running a nationwide #DoginWindow photo competition asking owners to share their best snaps to find the UK’s cutest pooch. 

After receiving hundreds of brilliant submissions from proud owners all over the UK, it has shared some of its favourite entries, with FEMAIL.

Kynda the golden retriever  from Bolton is seen excitedly watching her owner. Kynda’s owner, Gina, said: ‘This is Kynda watching me trim the conifer tree in the front garden.’

Triple whammy! Stan, Rosie and Maddie from Lichfield are seen patiently sitting at their window on squirrel patrol

Musical dog! This great Dane sat at the keyboard as he peered out the French Windows into the garden

Reggie from Grimsby sits with a sock in the window. His owner said: ‘Meet 12-month-old Reggie, also known as Dobby for his cute ears and love of socks. He loves people-watching whilst holding onto his favourite pair of socks and catching some sun!’

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Buddy from Solihull often sits tucked behind the curtain to look out the window.  Buddy’s owner, Gemma, explained: ‘Buddy always waits in the window for us if we go out. He sits there until we return, then will finally relax in his own bed. He’s epileptic and a bit of a nervous boy, but very loving’

Hands up! This sweet Beagle stood outside on decking as he put his paws on glass doors and posed for his human inside

Blossie from Manchester dangles a paw over the radiator and keeps and eye out of the window. Her owner Wayne, said: ‘Here is our Westie, Blossie, sat on our window on the lookout for cats!’

Ted, who bears a striking resemblance to a cuddly toy,  from Newcastle loves to sit on the bed and look out the window. Ted’s owner, Rachel, said : ‘Ted – must be on guard (but also make sure you get my best side profile)’

Hanging out! Another pooch stuck his head outside the car while his owner took him on a drive at an unknown UK location

This adorable pooch, from an unknown UK location, stuck his head out of the window much to the amusement of his family

Pancake from Folkestone sits in the garden and ponders what’s happening inside. Pancake’s owner, Layla, captioned this with: ‘Our dog Pancake looking at 2020 like…’

 And Peggy! Peggy from Mirfield makes neighbours smile but popping her head in the window.  Peggy’s owner, Rebecca, commented: ‘Peggy hard at work on the day job as the site security manager for the home, poised to make a loud noise if anyone dares to pass by’.

Peanut from Bradford, looks grumpy despite being excited about the return of humans. Peanut’s owner, Kirstie, commented: ‘This peanut trying to look out the window when I got home’

Oscar and Kayo from Blackpool stick their heads through the blinds and peer outside. Oscar and Kayo’s owner, Lauren, comments saying: ‘They always like to watch the Blackpool Tower from our window and also love making the window dirty!’

Patsy from Congleton  patiently leaves her food on the window sill. Patsy’s owner, Verity, captioned this: ‘My beautiful Patsy is too busy looking out for Daddy and ignoring the freshly cooked fillet steak!’

This adorable miniature dachshund, from an unknown UK location, sits and looks out at the empty road excited for some playtime

This sweet husky, from an unknown British location, enjoyed a peak out at the very green grass he would no doubt love to play in

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