Couple devastated after £375,000 dream home becomes too dangerous to live in

A couple have been left heartbroken after finding out their dream home they had only recently bought was infested with termites.

Shaun and Sarah Sarson bought the $660,000 (£375,000) property in the Australian city of Gold Coast in late 2019.

A building inspector had told them there were no issues at the time but things soon took a turn for the worse once they moved in.

Sarah first noticed the problem when insects started pouring out of a power socket in her bathroom.

She told A Current Affair it was like something “out of a horror movie”. “I've done a lot of crying," Sarah said.

“Also we have little kids, they are two and three years old and just finding out that… it wasn't even safe to be in here, there are holes in the major beams.”

Footage from the special programme, which aired yesterday, shows how countless beams are completely rotten after being gutted by the bugs.

In one clip, countless termites can be seen scurrying around a section of the wall as Sarah says she is “extremely sad” and “devastated”.

The couple quickly sought the help of another building inspector, Daniel Golin, who told the young family it was one of the worst infestations he had ever seen.

It was so bad, Mr Golin said the only way to fix the problem would be to demolish the house and rebuild it from scratch.

Sarah said she was contacted by a man who was also keen on buying the home until he discovered the pest problem.

The man claimed to have handed the property report to the estate agent, who said he was not obligated to tell potential buyers about issues with a property.

But the agent did say if he receives evidence of termites in a home he would tell prospective buyers.

Agents and sellers aren’t required to “volunteer issues” about a property, according to Antonia Mercorella from the Real Estate Institute of Queensland.

She said it was more a case of “buyer beware”.

It comes after a woman who bought her £200,000 dream home ended up hating it with a passion.

Pauline Collins, 61, said the move soon turned to “hell” after claiming the new-build property came with endless problems.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that another dream home that was shown on Channel 4’s Grand Designs was later used for a lesbian porn film.

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