Cuisinart has discounts on appliances and more for Amazon Prime Day

Another Amazon Prime Day is here, meaning you can finally enjoy some amazing deals on a range of top brands.

Prime Day is typically held in July. But with this year’s Amazon’s Prime Day being quite close to the holiday shopping season, early holiday shoppers can take advantage of the strong discounts across all types of products.

And the Prime Day savings include exciting markdowns on top Cuisinart products.

Anyone who loves to cook has likely used something by Cuisinart.

The brand is highly functional and they make quality kitchen goods, including pots, pans and small appliances.

And whether you’re in need of some new kitchen tools or are just looking for an upgrade, we’ve rounded up some of the top deals that are definitely worth a look.

Rainbow Knife Set With Blade Guards

Colorful knives are all the rage (thanks, Selena Gomez). This six-knife set in classic jewel tones comes with all your cutlery essentials: a chef knife, a paring knife, a serrated knife, a utility knife, a slicing knife and a santoku knife.

They are normally $19.99. But during Prime Day you can get six knives from one of the top cooking brands out there for just $9.99.

10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

This set of pots, pans and lids is perfect for anyone with a new kitchen, seeing that it includes all the standard sizes one typically cooks with. The cookware is dishwasher-safe.

The set is available for $124.99, 45% off from its typical $229.99 price tag.

Convection Oven and Airfryer

This attractive appliance functions as a convection oven and an air fryer. And despite the typically high price point, it’s the No. 2 best-selling toaster oven on Amazon.

It’s usually $199, but you can pick up this item for $124.99 during Prime Day.

Perfectemp Coffee Maker

This coffee maker with nearly 15,000 reviews on Amazon can make 14 cups of coffee. So if you’re working from home with a family and don’t have a coffee machine, what are you waiting for?

Typically sold for $185, during Prime Day this can be scooped up for $54.99, making for a serious 70% off discount.

Rotisserie Deep Fryer

Ah, a deep fryer. Even the most serious of chefs don’t often own one of these. This deep fryer holds five quarts of oil so you can fit a ton of food in here at once. It also has a rotisserie function which should absolutely not be overlooked. That function can be used for making rotisserie chicken, gyros, tacos al pastor or much more at home.

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