Danielle Staub ‘Absolutely Heartbroken’ After Teresa Giudice Ends Friendship & Unfollows Her

Teresa Giudice has had all she can take when it comes to her friendship with Danielle Staub. She’s cut her former ‘RHONJ’ pal out of her life which has left Danielle devastated.

The only Real Housewives of New Jersey star who got along with Danielle Staub was Teresa Giudice, but now she’s decided to end their friendship. It just caused her too much stress and Teresa, 46, has enough hassles in her life that she doesn’t need to keep constantly be defending Danielle, 56, to the rest of the cast. “Danielle is absolutely heartbroken over the fallout of her friendship with Teresa. She has tried reaching out to Teresa, but Teresa has no interest in speaking to her right now,” a source close to the production tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“Teresa has been dealing with a lot of stress and pressure from the other RHONJ ladies for months now about Danielle and she felt so much pressure from them to stop speaking to Danielle. Nobody would film with Danielle except Teresa and Jennifer (Aydin) would occasionally, and it was just causing so many issues with the other ladies, especially Melissa (Gorga). All of their fighting revolved around Teresa and Danielle’s friendship,” our insider continues.

It’s such a shame because Teresa and Danielle have come so far. Who would have though they could ever be friends after Teresa infamously flipped a table at her and yelled ““Prostitution whore, [who was] f–king engaged 19 times,” in season one, which was one of the most epic moments of any Housewives franchise. They’ve come so far since then but as we previously told you EXCLUSIVELY, Teresa’s continued friendship with Danielle was driving a wedge between her and the rest of the RHONJ cast.

Now not only are the two women not speaking, they’re not even keeping up with each other on social media.  “Though the ladies just recently unfollowed one another, they haven’t spoken to each other for a few weeks. Danielle unfollowed Teresa because it was just too hurtful to see Teresa in her news feed,” our source adds.

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