Ellen DeGeneres Gives $10K To UPS Driver

Ellen DeGeneres surprised UPS driver Anthony Gaskin with a whopping $10,000 with the help of her partner, Shutterfly.

Gaskin was a virtual guest on the Ellen Show this week. And after giving host DeGeneres a brief update about how he’s been coping during the pandemic, the comedian surprised Gaskin with a white box filled with cash. The UPS driver was so shocked to receive such a generous present from DeGeneres, and he couldn’t also thank the funny woman enough.

DeGeneres said that Gaskin has been saving up to send his son to college so the $10,000 will be used to pay part of his tuition fee.

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Following his appearance on Ellen Show, Gaskin The Richmond Times-Dispatch that it was so overwhelming to be featured on the program and to also receive such a generous amount.

His 18-year-old son is planning to attend Ferrum College in Roanoke, and the yearly tuition reportedly costs $49,390. Prior to DeGeneres’ gift, Gaskin said that he didn’t know where he could get the money to send his son to school.

Last year, Gaskin made headlines after his neighbors honored him for his service during the pandemic. As a UPS driver, he delivers medicine and other supplies to the residents.

So, in December, some of Gaskin’s neighbors came together to shower him with lots of love.

According to Gaskin, he loves his work so much that he makes sure to drop by the neighborhood around the same time so that his neighbors would know when he’s coming.

Patty Friedman, who just moved into the neighborhood before the pandemic, said that being isolated from everyone made her very lonely. So, she decided to order a lot of things online.

“When he would walk up the driveway it seemed like a visitor. It didn’t seem like a delivery. I wanted to celebrate him like he makes me feel. He is the guy who cares about me. He cares about me. And that is what I felt every time. That is sincere,” she said.

So, after two months of planning, the Hallsley neighborhood of Midlothian threw him a socially distanced parade to thank him for his service.

A video of Gaskin crying his heart out went viral online. In fact, it caught the attention of several high-profile personalities including President Joe Biden.

Gaskin was invited to attend Biden’s virtual inauguration ceremony, and he also had the chance to meet John Bon Jovi.

“I’m just a country boy from Powhatan. A UPS driver who’d ever think I’d have the honor doing that? I would never fathom,” he said after appearing on television during Biden’s inauguration.

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Source: The Richmond-Dispatch, Ellen Show, WTVR

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